Heaven & Hell show


Each year at the end of the school year, students get a special assessment from school and my group’s task was to arrange a fashion show on our own. We had to arrange a fashion show in only two weeks and, and doing this without a budget was really hard. For two weeks, we worked really hard but, we made the event into a success, and in the end over two hundred people attended the show.

The concept for the show was “heaven & hell”.

In cooperation with Mobster Ink, we will hereby take you on an exciting adventure through heaven and hell. We will express our most beautiful dreams and fantasies and our greatest fears, through creative makeup and styling.

«A special thanks to all the sponsors, we wouldn’t have made it without them.»



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Project manager: Asie Ali

Promotion manager :Pernille Nadin

Sponsorship manager: Natalin Lalita Barnes

Music:  Amina Elisabeth Mathisen