Generation X – Esmod graduation show 2015

Each year Esmod fashion school holds a graduation show for their graduate students. On the graduation show, students will show their collections, which they have worked on their last year. Everyone who is interested in fashion or who works in the Norwegian fashion industry usually attends the Esmod graduation show.

As the light slowly turns off, the hall is dimmed and the music starts to play. This is when everyone takes up their phones and snap pictures of the Esmod student show or “Generation X”, which the students call it themselves. This year the students want to mark themselves and bring something new into the Norwegian fashion industry.


11270348_814238428671742_5080760248690688332_o    This year’s Esmod show was a big success and I want to give a personal congratulation to all the amazing designers. The 18th June will be an important day for all the graduate students. I am thankful for being allowed to be a part of such a meaningful day. Everyone who worked backstage did an incredible job. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to be one of the Make up artist.

Here is an article written about the show:

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My role was: Makeup Artist 



Fashion with meaning is a nonprofit organization founded by Olimb&co hairdresser. The foundation is about giving something back to the society, and is based on voluntary work and sponsorship revenues.

«For us it is a minimum that all ticket earnings will go to this year’s Charitable cause. Through Fashion with meaning. We can together turn high fashion into something bigger and better. We will also strive to provide an inspiring fashion show for Norwegians,with a good conscience. «


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Our vision

In times ahead, Fashion with meaning will do everything in their power to emphasize the importance of charity work. In the future, Fashion with meaning will work hard to emphasize the great importance of charity work. Here are some pictures from the show, from a couple years ago. I absolutely loved working with this project and I learned a lot by being a part of it. My role here was to be one of the makeup artists.

Here is an article about the show:


Heaven & Hell show


Each year at the end of the school year, students get a special assessment from school and my group’s task was to arrange a fashion show on our own. We had to arrange a fashion show in only two weeks and, and doing this without a budget was really hard. For two weeks, we worked really hard but, we made the event into a success, and in the end over two hundred people attended the show.

The concept for the show was “heaven & hell”.

In cooperation with Mobster Ink, we will hereby take you on an exciting adventure through heaven and hell. We will express our most beautiful dreams and fantasies and our greatest fears, through creative makeup and styling.

«A special thanks to all the sponsors, we wouldn’t have made it without them.»



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Project manager: Asie Ali

Promotion manager :Pernille Nadin

Sponsorship manager: Natalin Lalita Barnes

Music:  Amina Elisabeth Mathisen




 Thursday the 6th august was a big day for the upcoming designer, James Lazar Braathen. He had his first own single fashion show in Østbanehallen. Over 300 people came just to see  James new collection.

It was an honor to be part of James big day and getting the opportunity to work with Filip Kolber & Cat from Starlet by Ravensbourg Model Management. A special thanks to everybody who helped us during that day. «Mark my words people, James Lazar Braathen will be the new it designer in Norway.»

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Behind the scenes pictures taken by photographers Andreas Lange, Camilla Hay Jenssen and Thea Berg Nesse

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Here is more to watch…

Project manager: Ingeborg Ravensborg

Front – row manager: Filip Kolber

Backstage manager & working with sponsorship: Asie Ali