Once upon a time a powerful man said: ”We know what we are, but not what we may be” – William Shakespeare.



I never knew that Gothenburg, an old city with approximately 1 million residents, would be such an adventure. From the moment we arrived in the city and the train doors opened, I felt an excitement I never have experiences before. This was going to be a new and thrilling experience to write about. I was walking out from Gothenburg Central station with my traveling companions Clark and Victor Christoffer. They were both holding their cameras and filming everything we passed through, which was kind off funny since we tried to not look like tourists and rather fit in with the locals.

I don’t know why but I always thought that Gothenburg was a small city just like Bergen, my hometown. However, I couldn’t be more wrong. I was surprised about how beautiful the city was and how friendly the residents were. I was blown away by the city´s architectures and I loved the vintage feel of the city. On our way to the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, which was less than five minutes away from the train station, happy looking people surrounded us. Everywhere we looked people were smiling and laughing and genuinely looking like they were having a good time. I saw people sitting in the park and enjoying themselves, which is a sight that I rarely see here in my hometown. I live in Bergen, which is known for being the city where it always rains. Before that I used to live in Oslo, which is a more fast-paced city, where it seems like people are always in a rush. Anyways, The hotel is very central and is surrounded by attractions, ranging from great shopping places to restaurants and coffee shops. Finally after a long walk around the city and the four hours long train trip, we arrived to one of the most beautiful hotel lobbies we had ever seen. I mean, the lobby looked like the entrance of a palace. We were amazed and totally blown away by the interior and design while we where walking to the reception to check in. We told the kind receptionist our names and in less than two minutes we were taking the elevator up to my vogue suite. The interior style of the room was minimalist but beautiful. On the table of our suite there was a fresh fruit bowl and even some chocolate. I was amazed by the welcome gift that Radisson Blu marketing manager Jessica Birch-Jensen and the rest of the crew had prepared for us. It was incredibly generous of them and we really enjoyed the fruits and sweets. To everyone who wants to travel to Gothenburg, there is no better place to stay then at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel. Jessica Birch Jensen told me earlier that they were renovating the hotel and that everything will be new in the hotel. Our first day we spent exploring the hotel and all the facilities around the hotel. The next day we had the opportunity to meet Tina, who is an office manager in Radisson Blu. She was kind enough to show us around the hotel and we saw all the newly renovated suites, hotel rooms and other facilities. She also told us something very mind blowing. Back in the days when Michael Jackson was still alive, he used to stay in this hotel when he came to Gothenburg. That really made an impact on us, that the king of pop and a legend had stayed in this hotel. Even now other big artists in the world, who come to Gothenburg, usually stay in Radisson Blue Scandinavia. I mean the hotel is pretty iconic now; who knew that maybe I had the same room that Michael Jackson used to stay in. After a lovely breakfast and thanks to office manager Tina´s inspiring story about the hotel, we felt really inspired, so went out to explore the city of Gothenburg. Our first stop was the botanical garden, which was only four minutes away from the hotel. The Botanical garden was much bigger then the one we have in Oslo. My friends Clark and Victor were running around and filming everything we saw. After a couple of hours Clark suggested going to Gothenburg Art Museum. Since we practically were tourists, we had to ask people for directions and we were once again amazed by the local’s kindness. Unfortunately when we arrived at the art museum, it was closed, so we decided to just walk around in the city. No matter where we walked, we saw fascinating attractions and beautiful buildings. We even found an old music shop, which sold old records and vinyl’s. I fell in love with the store and I even found old albums of Prince, Janet Jackson and even some Persian music.

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No matter where in Gothenburg we went, nice Swedish people welcomed us. We really recommend to anyone who has plans to travel to Gothenburg, to take a day and just walk around in the city. This city has so much character and its own distinctive charm. The best shopping place in the whole city is Haga bygda. There are charming shops, from vintage stores to well-known clothing brands. There is something for everyone. The whole street has a charismatic charm that one can only experience by seeing. The staffs working in the different stores are very helpful and if you need a shopping break, you can enjoy some delicious food or drinks at the local restaurants and café’s. Since we wanted to taste some authentic Swedish food, we decided to go to the food market Saluhallen, where we also found a lot of exciting food from all over the world. What I loved from the Saluhallen the most were the different baked goods they had. As a person who loves to bake, this was pure heaven for me. I really wanted to buy freshly baked goods and bread from the food market Saluhallen, and then have a picnic at the beautiful Slottsskogen Park. Unfortunatly the weather did not allow that to happen. I would recommend everyone to take a trip to Slottskogen Park. It is an incredible and beautiful place, where you can meet up with friends or just relax after doing some sightseeing. If you get hungry and want to try something new, then I highly recommend Magnus Magnus. The local is incredibly fascinating and very distinctive. It is really hard to describe this place, it’s just something you have to see with your own two eyes, but I really loved this place.

After a long day, there is nothing better than to take the ”padden” around the city. The ”padden” is a boat that goes through the city and there is a host that tells a lot about the history of Gothenburg.   It’s incredibly exciting to hear everything about from the war to everything that has happened and changed over the years. The ride lasts about one hour and the boats drive close to Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, so for us it took only a couple of minutes to get back to the hotel. After a good night of sleep and a marvelous breakfast at the hotel, we took our cameras and went to Universeum, which we found out was right next to Liseberg.

Universeum is a public science center and museum. The first thing we saw when we arrived at Universeum was a giant dinosaur outside, which made us all very excited to find out what was inside. From the first moment we went in, there was a big smile on our faces. Gothenburg Universeum is the best Universeum we have ever been to; here you will find everything from a jungle theme to learning about the universe. On each floor you will discover a new adventure. This museum is perfect for families with children, as it will be very entertaining and educational. On the first floor they have a animal/ jungle theme. There are different kinds of bird species, fish species and a lot of nature. It feels like as if you are in a Tarzan movie. My favorite floor was the universe floor, there was just so much amazing and cool stuff there. Experiencing and seeing the universe from that perspective was intriguing and educational. In this Universeum you get to participate in a lot of cool activates, which were very fun and educational at the same time. We saw children running around and try the first activity’s they saw. I think the biggest children there were Clark and Victor Christoffer, they had the biggest smiles on their faces. They tried all the toys and activities and you could hear from a long way their laughter. I would recommend booking a day at the Universeum, since time goes fast and there are a lot of things you should try out.

Skjermbilde 2017-06-13 kl. 10.28.09GøteborgAfter a long day at the Universeum we were all hungry, but it was hard to decide what we should eat, when there are so many amazing restaurants. However, at the same time the choice was very easy too, since we all really wanted pizza, so Victor Christoffer wrote a post in jodel asking the best pizza place in Gothenburg. We got a lot of answers and in the end we decided ”I Love Pizza” since there were so many who had written a lot of positive comments about this place on facebook. After a long way from Universeum to I Love Pizza, which was completely across the city, we were hungry and could not wait to eat. After waiting for about ten minutes, the pizzas were ready and we could finally start eating. The pizzas tasted heavenly and after fifteen minutes everything was eaten up and we could not wait to get back to the Radisson Blu hotel to relax. One of the things we noticed was how lively the city was every night. There were always people out in the streets, a lot of restaurants and bars were completely full, even Radisson Blue Hotel was almost fully booked the days we were there.

The last three days went by so fast and we had saved the best attraction at last, Liseberg amusement park. So on our last day we went to Liseberg to see what the hype about this place was about. In my opinion the price to get in was a bit stiff. I think a day ticket costs around 550 kr, but then you can do anything you want. I have been looking forward to seeing Liseberg for two months and when we finally were here, the park was incredibly large, however, they also give you a map so that you don’t get lost. The first attraction we took was Helix and from the moment it started running until we stopped, I could not feel my legs. Clark, Victor Christoffer and Henriette who is Christoffers girlfriend really enjoyed that ride, however, it was not something I want to do again. After Helix, we all felt an adrenaline kick, so we decided to take the star, where one gets lifted to the top of the attraction and is then released after 15 seconds. No matter what attraction you take in Liseberg, you will end up with an adrenaline kick throughout your body. The park has attractions for both children and adults, so it is a nice and fun place for families with children as well. We ran through the whole park and tried everything we could, but the park was so big that it was almost impossible to try everything. If you get hungry over the course of the day, there are food stands and restaurants inside the park. It’s amazing that after nine hours in the park we did not reach all the attractions, mostly because we were all hungry and just wanted to sit somewhere and eat. There was an attraction we did not get to do, which I regret completely and that was the go-kart center. It was not until the departure day we found out about it, and all three of us were really sad about not getting to try it out. On our way from Liseberg we went to McDonalds, there is nothing better than some French fries, a milkshake and a vegetarian burger after a long day in Liseberg. After an energetic and fun day in Liseberg and an unhealthy meal at McDonald’s, we started going back to the Radisson Blu hotel. On the way to the hotel, the streets were once again full of both happy locals and tourists, whom were going to the city center and all the restaurants were once again full. It was a magical walk back to the hotel. This city is full of life and after only four days there, I really want to move there.


Skjermbilde 2017-06-13 kl. 10.02.25


Last day of our stay was on a Thursday, and we were all extremely sad to have to check out from the beautiful Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel. Before we checked out, we went down to the wonderful breakfast buffet one last time and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. At their breakfast buffet you will find everything, from gluten-free products, traditional eggs, bacon and beans to fresh fruits. There is also a lot to choose from when it comes to dinner and they have a variety of different drinks. Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel is a wonderful hotel to stay, if you are to visit Gothenburg. We received a great deal of help from the receptionists, and the rest of the nice and helpful staff. Thanks to this hotel and the wonderful staff, the whole trip was a wild adventure for us. Gothenburg is truly a hidden gem and cannot be compared to anywhere else in the world. Everyone who has the opportunity, should take a trip to the city and see all of Gothenburg with their own eyes and experience all the attractions the city has to offer.

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