Specialties: Art Direction concept development, personal branding

I am a twenty-three old woman, and I graduated as a marketing communicator in the spring of 2015. Besides school, I have been working as a freelance Art Director. I am capable of both creating traditional and innovative creative concept solutions for any communicational issue. Today I work as a freelance art director with different projects.

My passion is to develop unique and distinctive concepts within pictures, music videos, and film and fashion campaigns. I started my education at Olsvik High school, where I studied General Studies with design. Furthermore, I studied at Face Stockholm and graduated as a makeup artist. Finally, I graduated with a degree in Advertising and brand communications at NKH (Norwegian School of Creative Studies). At the age of 15, I started to develop my interest in the creative professions and this interest evolved further when I worked as an intern at Askøyværingen, which is a local newspaper.

Over the past 8 years, I have gained valuable experience by working with fashion shows/ photoshots/ PR/ graphic design/ music videos and film production and marketing. I possess the dedication, speed, creativity and enthusiasm needed to consistently create original concepts that effectively reach the target market. My work reflects simplicity and a belief that visual communication should not only be beautiful, but also meaningful.

This is my passion and I truly love what I do.

Through the years, I have worked with different people and collected a broad network of makeup Artists  • stylists  • models / collaboration with modeling agencies  • photographers  • designers  • directors  • journalists  • illustrators  • graphic designers  • Experience and Event Design  • project managers.

People I´ve worked with

Edmond Yang • Patrick oldenborg • James Lazar Braathen • Jan Roar Pettersen • Baldur Bragason • Saq Imtiaz • Ching Pang • Kerly L. P. Cobos  • Stian Gregersen  • Zareen Islam  • Sondre Fristad • Sara Nicole Andersen • Linda LV • Lars Eriksen Eitran • Avista Farag

Music artists I’ve worked with

Vegard Leite • Lenole • IMA • Erikk & Kriss • Heizar Rhyme Zone 

Selected events I´ve worked on

Mote med meaning • Oslo fashion week •  Oslo Trend • Vip party after health & beauty event •  Fashion Saturday Oslo • Heaven & Hell show • JLB – James Lazar Braathen fashion show • Fashion 1 show • KHIO fashion show.

Organisasjons and businesses I´ve worked and collaboration with

Askøyværingen • Radio Askøy • One Love 4 peace • Høyer PR • Morradi • Adam & Eva • MTG Music 
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